Rooftop Venue for rent Bangkok

Discover the Best Rooftop Venue for Rent Bangkok

Looking for a stunning venue to host your next event in Bangkok? Look no further! View Rooftop is the best Rooftop Venue for rent Bangkok, perfect for various occasions. Whether it’s a birthday bash, a farewell party, or any other special event, we’ve got you covered.


Bangkok Event Venue for Rent

When it comes to hosting memorable events, Bangkok offers a many options. However, nothing beats the charm and allure of View Rooftop Bar & Restaurant. With panoramic views of the city skyline, a gentle breeze in the air, and a vibrant atmosphere – the perfect setting for any celebration.

Indulge in Coastal Delights: Mediterranean Cuisine and Specialty Cocktails

View offers unparalleled sophistication and ambiance. This premier Rooftop Venue for rent Bangkok combines modern Mediterranean charm with breathtaking views, creating an unforgettable backdrop for your event.

Chef Titos brings the vibrant flavors of Mediterranean cuisine to life with his culinary expertise and passion for fresh, wholesome ingredients. Drawing inspiration from the coastal regions of Greece, Italy, and Spain, Chef Titos crafts dishes that celebrate the essence of Mediterranean cooking. From succulent grilled seafood drizzled with olive oil and zesty citrus to hearty salads bursting with ripe tomatoes, crisp cucumbers, and creamy feta cheese, each plate tells a story of sun-kissed flavors and culinary traditions passed down through generations. Diners are transported to the shores of the Mediterranean, where every bite is a journey of taste and texture.

Complementing Chef Titos’ exquisite Mediterranean dishes are specialty cocktails that capture the essence of the region’s laid-back lifestyle and vibrant flavors. Each sip is a tantalizing taste of the Mediterranean, inviting guests to unwind and savor the moment in true coastal style. With an array of expertly crafted cocktails, our Mixologist ensures that every aspect of the dining experience reflects the warmth and hospitality of the Mediterranean.



Type of Events that Can Be Held

From intimate birthday gatherings to extravagant farewell parties, this Rooftop Venue for rent Bangkok caters to a diverse range of events. Whether you’re celebrating a milestone or simply gathering with loved ones, this space provides the ideal setting to make memories that last a lifetime.


Imagine ringing in another year of life surrounded by friends and family, with the glittering lights of Bangkok as your backdrop. With customizable packages and attentive staff, your birthday celebration is sure to be a hit!

Farewell Parties:

Saying goodbye is never easy, but it’s made a little bit sweeter when surrounded by stunning views and good company. Bid farewell to colleagues or loved ones in style at View Rooftop, where every moment is cherished and every goodbye is unforgettable.

Hen night and Bachelor Party:

View Bangkok Rooftop Bar is the perfect choice for hosting a hen night or bachelor party. With its stunning views, lively atmosphere, and delicious drinks, it’s an ideal spot for celebrating. Whether you’re honoring the bride or groom-to-be, View Bangkok Rooftop Bar offers an unforgettable setting for a night of fun and festivities.

At View Rooftop, the possibilities are endless beyond birthdays, farewell parties and Bachelor party. Whether it’s a corporate event, anniversary celebration, or even a romantic proposal, our versatile venue caters to a wide range of occasions. From cocktail receptions to formal dinners, our dedicated team is committed to making your event truly special. 

Book your event today and make memories that last a lifetime.